Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Work continues

My afternoon off today so more work in the garden.

Planted some first early Potatoes - Epicure - 12 inches apart in rows 24 inches apart. The first bed had been mulched a few weeks ago with newspaper, covered with fym. The second had been mulched with half the contents of the compost bin.

This was followed by the creation of a new Strawberry bed - on the ground I cleared last year. Planted the transplants 12 inches apart in alternating rows.

Finally before heading home I checked on the dwarf French Bean seedlings - Purple Tepee - planted last night in a bed in the polytunnel. This has been mulched with straw over the winter, and the seedlings were covered with a layer of fleece to be on the safe side.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Seed sowing and transplanting

Now that we are home again after a holiday in the Lake District I've started sowing more seeds. So far Black Beauty Courgette, for an early crop in the polytunnel. Purple dwarf French Beans likewise. I've also potted on Mixed Lettuce seedlings into individual modules, transplanted earlier Lettuce seedlings, along with self-sown Nasturtium and Mizuna into a bed in the poly-tunnel.

I still have Beetroot, Spring Onions, Kale and Kohlrabi in modules, growing on a bit before I plant them in the poly-tunnel.

This year I plan to make the most of these self-sown greens, transplanting them to where they can grow vigorously to be picked for hen fodder.