Thursday, 6 May 2010

Workfilled wednesday

I'm usually off work on a wednesday afternoon and today it was a good day to be outside and get things done. After a chilly start it turned quite warm, even if the sky did threaten didn't materialise till after dark.

I got all the grass areas at the allotments cut and the grass cuttings piled in the polytunnel to dry to add to the mulch in there. Then I worked my way through all the raised beds, weeding and gently hoeing....I have been trying to resist hoeing as it disturbs the soil and will no doubt encourage another flush of weeds, but the soil had developed a dry crust and I think it was worth it to encourage the rain to penetrate. I hope to mulch with straw soon.

So far I've got Broad Beans, Shallots, Onions and Leeks through. Some peas ...but they are getting eaten and need some protection. Planted out some modular grown Beetroot...and began hardening off Chard, Sunflowers, Ammi, Briza, Pennisetum to plant out soon.

The beauty of having time for this attention to each bed is that you notice things the Californian Poppies, Purple Orach and Calendula that have self sown; and best of all self sown Swiss Chard from the plant I allowed to go to seed last year.

After a cup of tea and some food I headed into the cottage garden and got my new Pear tree planted; constructed a second garden arch and planted a Golden Hops on the first one.

Pear Beth : a taste of things to come

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