Thursday, 24 June 2010

Elderflower cordial and Lloyd Socks

I got a real treat in the post this week - a pair of Lloyd Socks. The Lloyd Socks came from Canadian Sheep Farmer and are 60 % Sheep wool, 30% Nylon, and 10 % Llama wool. They were a swap for a duplicate copy of Fields of Plenty by Michael Ableman and amazingly I'd forgotten they were on their way, so it was a lovely surprise. I need a new pair of wellies now, (as my old ones leak), and that will be me sorted for the Autumn/Winter!

I also got round to picking Elder-flowers at last this week. On Tuesday evening we walked along to the field where we often play with the dog, and I collected 25 Elder blossoms while the other two played paw-ball. I use this recipe from the wonderful Creative Living Forum (see link in side bar).

25 Elderflowers
2 oz Citric acid
3 lb Sugar
2 Pints water
2 lemons sliced

Put dry ingredients in large preserving pan - boil the water and pour over other ingredients. Stir to melt sugar and then leave covered for 24 hours. Next day, strain through muslin (or I used a clean tea towel over a colander) and bottle. Serve with plenty of fizzy spring water - it's very good on a hot day.

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