Sunday, 1 August 2010

August already

.. this year seems to be flying by. Today I harvested a bed of Broad Beans and we prepared 4lbs of them for the freezer. We love them in stews - they're such a great "meaty" bean.

Also brought home carrots and 2 leeks for dinner - Leek and Cheddar Tarts with Potatoes and Carrots....and Courgettes with which I made an Italian style pickle. I've never tried this before so I'm not sure how they'll taste. They look good in the jars anyway.

The bed which had contained the Broad Beans was looking very I thoroughly watered it then lay the spent plants, (roots left in soil of course), on top of the soil. This was then completely covered with grass clippings from the cottage garden. This will be left untouched now.

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