Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The apple harvest

Last Sunday my next door neighbour - who is much happier on ladders than me! - harvested my cooking apples for me.

Unfortunately he has lots of apples of his own, so he didn't want any of them. Since the weekend I've peeled and chopped lots of apples, stewed them and put in bags in the freezer. There are still a lot left!

I also picked a kilo of Sloes to try out a recipe for Sloe and Bramble Cheese...but so far no blackberries.

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  1. Hi, Carole: I'll take your extra apples LOL! What kind are they? Apple season here wasn't very good because of late spring frosts. Say, is that comfrey or borage in the second picture? Your hops look like they are coming along nicely. My hops section was torn up in our tornado the end of July. Harvest time sure is busy, but it's wonderful to savor the summer from your canning in the cold of winter.