Thursday, 25 November 2010

An unpleasant job

... but someone's got to do it ...and that someone is me.

My hens are moulting in a gentle, a bit at a time, sort of way. I haven't been concerned about it, until the weekend, when I noticed that Belle (the dark grey hen), was devoid of feathers round her vent and neck areas. Then i saw one of the other hens pecking her as she passed. I really did not want this to get out of hand, with them pecking her now bare I ordered an anti-feather pecking spray by Nettex. It's not as natural a solution as I'd normally like, but I really wanted to nip the behaviour in the bud.

Well, it arrived yesterday and I sprayed her this morning. The spray is meant to be a)Foul tasting to deter pecking and b) anti-bacterial to encourage any wound to heal.
When they say foul they aren't kidding!! It truly stinks. So lets hope it does the trick.

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