Thursday, 17 November 2011

November colour in the garden

I took some photos on the 5th to capture all the colour in the kitchen garden in early November. Better than a fireworks display as far as I'm concerned. Of course the recent mild weather has helped....but much of the colour at this time of year comes from Kales.

But there are also a few flowers - the last of the Pot Marigolds -
and a few heads of Phacelia -

I use them both to attract beneficial insects and to cut for the house.

About the same time I did some work on sharpening up the central path - giving it a short back and sides which should look good when we get some frost.

Over the winter I need to weed the edge where some couch grass infiltrates itself from the paths around the allotments.....and finish giving all of the beds an eiderdown of grass cuttings and compost. A few of the beds still have a good cover of green manure at this stage. This will protect the soil and keep feeding all those good creatures living in the soil. Below is some Yellow Trefoil still looking good.

...and finally a splash of colour from the last of the Beets.

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  1. Beautiful pictures, everything has such dark and vibrant colors this time of year. I love that garden pathway of yours. I'm off to look up Yellow Trefoil, it looks so familiar...I think you might have just helped me identify something that grows in the wild around here.