Monday, 1 February 2010

Spring cleaning the polytunnel

Well, I didn't get very far with this blog last year!!

Hopefully this year will see more posts.

Over the last week I have been spending a little time re-shaping the beds in the polytunnel, digging out some couch grass that was creeping in at the edges and generally tidying up.

After digging out the couch grass infiltrating the corners, I've managed to create a new bed - perhaps for salads?

All set for seed sowing. I have ordered some green manures : Phacelia and Yellow Trefoil. I've also been learning more about permaculture methods. One idea I tried last year came from Emilia Hazelip's mini-films about her gardens - letting plants go to seed to get more volunteer plants, saving yourself the bother of starting them from seed. This worked very well and the Mizuna seeded itself last year in the central bed...and more seedlings are appearing now...

(This is the view looking north in the polytunnel.)

One idea I'm considering is using barrier plants to stop weeds like couch encroaching. After reading about this it occurred to me that the cat-mint hedges I have on the other garden seem to stop any grass creeping in from the shared path side. Why have I never really noticed this before?? Anyway, having read Linda Woodrow's wonderful book "The permaculture home garden" I've been inspired to try this method out elsewhere on the allotments. If it works it will be much easier than digging out couch grass every year.


  1. I have Poly tunnel envy! *wink*

    Well done on all the hard work. It will be worth it when the veggies do well!

    C x

  2. I have Poly tunnel and veggie plot envy! Very impressed by your tunnel and outside beds, makes me feel very slovenly with mine. :)

  3. wow it looks so organised.. our veg patches and green houses are still weed fests..

  4. Looking good! As usual, I fancied the book you mention - might invest in the cheaper one, but the other was over 70.00 from one seller on Amazon!
    Nice to see you back blogging, will come backa dn see how you're getting on. Love the poppy:)



  5. Thanks for all the lovely comments.

    I think I'd better admit that this is probably the tidiest it has all looked since starting on the allotments 10 years ago! I think because I've been reading a lot and feel so inspired.