Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Starting seeds

Another cold, wet and grey day - but despite this it's a good day today - because I'm doing the first real seed starting of the year. Soaking Broad Bean Bunyards Exhibition overnight to be planted in pots indoors and then transplanted out to the garden.

One of the things Linda Woodrow mentions in the Permaculture Home Garden is planting by the moon. It probably sounds quite mad to most people but it appeals to me ... partly because I love to see the various stages of the moon. Anyway she makes the point that it is useful as a time management tool even if you don't believe in it as such. Because you can only plant certain things at certain times. Today for instance is a good day for planting fruiting plants like Broad Beans. I like that idea, because there are certainly times in the spring when it can become overwhelming feeling like everything needs to be sown at one.

I have found this useful website and plan to give it a go this year....


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