Thursday, 6 January 2011

Wonderful weeds

Now that the weather has turned milder, I'm able to collect wild greens again for the hens. I try to give them a bucketful of greens every day to supplement their layers pellets and mixed corn....and give them something to do.

During the summer they get lots of chard, kale and lettuce from the well as plenty of freshly cut grass. But right now I'm giving them chickweed, which is growing in lush mats on one of my neighbour's vegetable plot. I'm pretty sure he won't mind me taking his weeds...and the girls love them. I'm so impressed that even this early in the year I can find something green and free for them!


  1. You have very lucky chickens.:)

  2. I know - one of my neighbours reckons they should lay golden eggs, the amount of care lavished on them!