Thursday, 8 April 2010

I've got hens!

... at last. I made the most of my time off work to pop over to a local farm on Tuesday, to see what hens they had in. I was secretly hoping for Blue Bells, (a lovely soft grey hen), really beatiful, and they had them .... So, needless to say I was back on the phone later that evening to book 2 Blue Bells + 2 Light Sussex hens that had also taken my fancy.

Yesterday my other half and I took a sturdy box to collect them. I think we both found the experience a bit traumatic, as after going into the barn to catch them, the farmer appeared, holding all 4 upside down by their legs, flapping pathetically. We were glad to get them back here, and then close them in for rest of the night, to become accustomed to their new home. So this morning was my first chance to get a proper look at them, give them a feed, and see them explore their new surroundings. They are living in a friend's garden in a good sized enclosure that is very securely fenced, including overhead - and includes some shrubs to provide shade.

I expected that it would be a little while before I got any eggs, as they had to readjust to their move...but found at lunchtime two eggs!! Brown ones, so I suspect the two Blue Bells. I'm absolutely thrilled with them, and think I'll be spending quite a bit of my time just enjoying watching them.

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  1. That's what hens are for:) Great news, enjoy them!