Sunday, 18 April 2010

A relaxing Sunday

... is usually one spent at home, and today was no exception. I got up early again, and headed straight down the garden after breakfast to feed/clean out the hens. After giving them their layers pellets, I popped to the allotment and continued digging turves off the area I'm clearing. They go into the hen run where they are immediately pounced on, as you can see in this pic.

My husband and gorgeous dog had arrived, and we headed up the river.

There are more and more signs of spring....the first Swallows yesterday; the first Willow Warbler heard today; and a nice fat Bumblebee on some Blackthorn blossom.

Naturally by the time we got home large mugs of tea were needed, and some Green & Black's chocolate!! Once I recovered I went back to the allotments to carry on were I left off earlier. Cutting back dead growth from the Catmint hedge; edging the path; and planting some Leek seedlings....2 beds worth.
Yesterday I made a start on painting the hen house, but have had to leave the rest for today, with rain forecast (and arrived by lunchtime).

This afternoon will be very lazy to make up for all this effort.

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