Thursday, 1 April 2010

Winter again

.. well it certainly feels like it. Very heavy rain during the week led to parts of the railway being closed, a very high river and flooded allotments. I'm very lucky that mine are a bit higher and unaffected.

I did manage to get some seed sowing done during the week - since there was no chance of working outdoors. I sowed sunflowers in pots, a lovely patterned flower called Sunburst...

I also sowed Phacelia/Yellow Trefoil/Briza Maxima/Lupin sunrise/Ammi/Spring Onions/Broccoli Raab/Beetroot Boltardy/Little Gem Lettuce in modular trays -- which are still huddled in the warmth of the kitchen, as the wind is pretty chilly today.

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