Saturday, 3 April 2010

Work in the polytunnel

My main job in the polytunnel now is to get the beds thoroughly watered and mulched I did one bed this afternoon. First I gave the soil a good watering, then tried a new mulching technique. I was planning to mulch with some horse I've tried a layer of kitchen peelings etc under this, directly on top of the soil.

This is partly based on my reading of Ruth Stout, who suggests that any matter can be used to mulch the soil, and partly on my own experience with the wormery.

I've been placing some kitchen waste on top of the soil in the wormery, and this is covered with several layers of wet newspaper. The soil is staying moist and the worms seem to be thriving --- and these are exactly the conditions I want to encourage in the soil in the beds.
As all of my seedlings are so tiny, I couldn't resist some Lettuce plants I saw in the Grainger Market during the week. They have settled in well, and I'm looking forward to the first salad!

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